We have moved and look forward to your visit in our new showrooms in Gmund am Tegernsee! 

You can reach us here:
Studio X by Schober, Münchner Str. 140, 83703 Gmund am Tegernsee, Phone.: +49 8022 509600

About Us

Wood, leather, fabric and metal – we create living dreams. You have surely dreamed of …. Room length wood floors, a bathroom being your wellness oasis , the perfect work environment, high tech living spaces or all of

the above features under one roof. We turn your dreams into reality. With Schober interiors you enjoy the finest quality made from traditional craftsmanship, design and functionality The results: naturally beautiful living.


Markus Schober, at 18 years of age once the youngest master carpenter in Germany, has together with his wife developed the family business over the past years to b e one of the world’s finest interior design, production and installation companies. More than 100 employees plan, build and organize complex architectural projects from the two main operation centers in Miesbach and Rammingen, Bavaria Germany. Highly motivated, they work on every challenge with passion and modern machinery, although most of the labor in our final products is still very manual – much to the delight of our carpenter/joiner heart!

Craftmanship, traditional manual trades and hand shake mentality – these Schober principles all go hand in hand.