All reflecting a healthy
tree, perfectly crafted
and still so close
to the original.

A Schober wood floor plank (SCHOBER-DIELE®) shows what others try to cover and hide: knots, natural cracks and beautiful variations in grain patterns. All reflecting a healthy tree, perfectly crafted and still so close to the original. Oak, Maple, Walnut and many other wood species. These are the heroes of our Schober Wood Plank collection, that are the foundation piece for a stunning and healthy room. Nothing radiates more naturalness, warmth and cosiness than a real wood floor. The SCHOBER-DIELE® becomes even more spectacular when installed in full room lengths. This way, the whole tree that has been growing for many years can unfold it’s everlasting inner beauty.

Room length SCHOBER planks, designed by nature.


In accordance with the selected wood species, we produce wood plank flooring in lengths up to 14 meters and widths as wide as the tree. Each SCHOBER-DIELE® is unique, and each receives a special, natural, hand applied finish which is developed together with every client.

Samples are made which the client can take home and view in the local light conditions. Once the client is 100 % convinced with the samples we proceed with the final production steps. After this, the SCHOBER-DIELEN® will be installed by our own professional installation teams.



Our 3 layer wood flooring plank not only saves natural resources (using one log we can cover much more area) but is also compatible with installation over underfloor heating as our production technology hinders the wood from „moving“. The advantage is that the wood planks do not warp and have no unwanted gaps. According to each project specification and the requested wood plank dimensions, we decide on which type of middle layer and back layer to use.

Cleaning and maintenance

In contrary to the popular opinion, wood plank floors are extremely easy to clean and maintain. You just have to know how, and you can read further to obtain the information:

Link to download the maintenance-pdf