Skypark Roofing Ceremony in Berlin

On wednesday, 30th May, the Skypark roofing ceremony was celebrated above the roofs of Berlin. This is our first big project with modular housing elements made of wood. In this case there is a hotel being built on the topmost level of a parking deck of a big shopping Mall, using our newly invented modules. This is the first project in a row of similars, initiated by our partners from MQ Real Estate. By perfect weather conditions the invited guests celebrated a top innovative and sustainable project. In this way we want to combine succes and environmental awareness and so contribute to a sustainable building of living space.


Schober goes Hofgarten

For the new terrace of the munich hip restaurant Tambosi, situated in the famous Hofgarten, the new tables have been built in our facility in Miesbach. Sapeli wood, white oiled, round and square. We think: This looks pretty good on the Hofgarten!

Famous Visitor

Today the famous german comedian Mario Barth checked out his new SCHOBER-DIELEN and actually seemed pretty happy about them.  Well, he knows what he can expect, as it is not his first set.

Fit for 2018

Since November 2017 we have been offering our employees physical exercises two times a week. In two groups our coaches from 2inn1 Gesundheitsmanagement show us how to relax and stretch our muscles on long days in the office and how to stay focused and keep going. This not only prevents aches in the back or in the neck and is good for the circulation, but also brings al lot of fun!

Bavarian Glissade

At the end of January and under the instruction of master joiner Sigi Funk the first “Schober-Bavarian-Curling” event took place at the ice rink in Kreuth. In the clattering cold and equipped with plenty of “Glühwein” the Schober employees were pushing their “Stöcke” over the ice. Especially our two asylum seekers from Nigeria had lots of fun – though not used to the icy weather and slippery ground – they prooved much aiming accuracy and sensitiveness for the game.

France is growing

Vapiano France is growing at a possibly record-breaking pace. The head of Vapiano France, Salvatore Perri, will open seven new restaurants in 2017 alone, which makes us – as a Partner from the very beginning – very happy. When visiting him in one of his restaurants in Paris he showed us another rekord holder: The olive tree which is the symbol of every Vapiano restaurant is 1700 years old – the oldest of its guild. We think: the most beautiful as well.

Big Audience for SCHOBER-DIELEN

On 11th January the official opening of the Elbphilharmonie took place. It is said to be Hamburg’s new town’s landmark and to be in good company with the Eiffel Tower and the Sidney Opera House. Is anybody asking why? We have the answer: In the great concert hall – the heart of the ElPhi – the flooring consists of 2.300 m2 SCHOBER-DIELEN and 616 SCHOBER-STAIR STEPS, additionally to 800 m2 of SCHOBER-PARAPET CLADDING. All produced and mounted by SCHOBER. That’s something to be proud of, istn’t it?

Picture: ©HOCHTIEF/Schroll

Sportive with Dogs

Crooks and villains beware: Our colleague Andrea Straßer interpretes her being a dog’s mommy in quite a sporty way. With her belgian shepherd dog named Serro (Full name: Serro de l‘origine de faucon rouge) she recently passed the stage 1 schutzhund-test. She did that scoring 299 out of 300 points. That means: Among other disciplines she and her dog are true masters of tracking, and yes, they can bite. Both of them. We congratulate Andrea on that success and wish her all the best for stage 2!

White-Water Rush in the Ötz-Valley

Already for the third time our Schober-colleagues went on a trip to the “Ötztal Ache”, which is a perfect spot for white-water rafting. Good teamwork was in demand to steer the boats through the tricky rapids and during calmer parts some people couldn’t help but push the boss himself into the water. Afterwards there were some refreshments and music at the Balbach-Alp, before the bus took everybody back to Miebach. What a day!

Long Distance in the Luxury Resort

In Slovakia at the widest point of the river Donau the astonishing X-Bionic Sphere Resort pushes towards it’s finishing.

Manu Antal, construction supervisor on site, daily covers up to 36 km on foot, according to his pedometer. So he has really earned his short rest on the gigantic Aster Papposus.